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Peter Ansoff

USA Flag Site Admin, from Annandale, Virginia, USA

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Apr 24, 2019 at 3:12 PM
    1. David Wagner
      David Wagner
      Hello Peter,

      Is it possible to change my profile name from Two Fish Apparel to David Wagner? I originally signed up on this site for a work question so I used my business name. It's no longer relevant but I have posted a dozen or so times and I don't want to start over with a new ID.
    2. Robin Hickman
      Robin Hickman
    3. Robin Hickman
      Robin Hickman
      Hello, Peter!

      I was included in a "Conversation" started by a new member, Gil Chacun. I think he might have clicked on the wrong button/link when he first started and that's why his post ended up as a "conversation". BTW: you were the other person listed as part of the conversation. Any idea as to what's going on with it???


    4. Robin Hickman
      Robin Hickman
    5. sknuble
      Hey Peter. I am interested in becoming a paid advertiser on the website. Are you the correct person to talk to about this possibility? If you are interested I'd love to hear back from you. Thanks for your time
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    6. J. Sudy
      J. Sudy
      Mr. Ansoff,
      I have an extensive question regarding the American flag patriot pin and police uniforms. If you could email me I would greatly appreciate your expertise. Thank you.
    7. Carol P.
      Carol P.
      How do I post a question on your forum, can't figure it out! Carol P.
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    8. BDEdmondson
      Peter I'm a American Legion Post Commander of 19yrs with a problem. We have a parade coming up this weekend. Our lady's AX are wanting to dress as a walking flag in the parade representing our Legion post. My worry is it is against Flag Etiquette. I have a picture of these ladies in their home made costume. They say it was not made of a real flag so they should be able to wear this. I have a picture I could send if I had an email to send to for you to see.
    9. cj2wowo
      Hello Peter, Thank you for your warm welcome. My husband and I are very proud to part of this wonderful American Flags forum. We have a situation that involves the homeowners association. Several weeks ago, my husband purchased a flagpole and placed the pole near our resident. A few days later, we received a call from the management firm stating that the president of the HMA received several complaints from our neighbors and ask that we remove the American flag and flagpole due to the fact that it was placed in a common area. We completed the necessary requisition along with signatures from our neighbors, who have stated that they love the seeing the American Flag being displayed in its full glory. My husband and I are very upset with the whole matter and is there any website that might help us. CJ
    10. joncon
      Hell-o all, I just joined this great site. I joined because of what I found at work. I work at a elementary school in Lawrence,Kansas. While taking inventory with the principal we came across an old American flag that was framed and somewhat bad condition. I noticed a note at the bottom of the framing that stated that the flag was donated to the school around 1912 by a couple. I was talking to the principal about repairing the frame and displaying this old flag. I then noticed something odd on the outlay of stars, as they were all in line with each other and not staggered as usual. I counted the stars and there were 40. I have been researching this and is said if it is true that there were only a three to four day period that there would have been 40 stars, I am thinking 1890's late. As North and South Dakota were taken into the union about that time. Does anyone have any light on this?
    11. Peter Ansoff
      Peter Ansoff
      Hi, jhbuddha -- welcome to the forum!

      The reason that those threads are closed is that we had a large number of posts basically repeating the same nonsense over and over again. Fringes on flags do not have any symbolic meaning -- they are just an "honorable enrichment" that makes the flag look more attractive. Fringes have nothing to do with martime law, military occupation, or anything else.

      If you really have some new information to present, feel free to start a new thread. However, please read the current threads on the subject first, and don't regurgitate the same specious arguments.

      Best regards,

      Peter Ansoff
      American Flags Forum Admin
    12. jhbuddha
      Good day,
      I found this site, wanting to verify some information I had been made aware of sometime ago. That being the knowledge that the fringed flag found in courtrooms was an indication of maritiime law. Not knowing what maritime law was at that time, I put the thought on my stack of I'll explore it at a later date. My knowledge now adept at esoteric language and symbology brought me here, to verify and deeper understand the subject. After reviewing threads that I wished to share in the knowledge of, have found them closed. It seems to be a touchy subject with regard to the nature of what the symbol of a fringed flag means. I wanted to make a post but my site navigation will need expierience.
      The knowledge with regard to this subject is extremely important , especially with the nature of world affairs. I look forward to future forum discussions. Peraps you can point me to a thread I have overlooked.
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    "We live by symbols, and what shall be symbolized by any image of the sight depends upon the mind of him who sees it."
    -- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.