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    Hello -

    My family has had, as long as I can remember, some Civil War era artifacts from family members who fought for the North. . .among them, a 11 star, 3 stripe flag with my family member's name in the corner, which I am now guessing is a captured Confederate flag. I am interested in having someone value it and conserve it (as well as the other artifacts, which include commissioning papers and a journal).

    Who would you recommend I look to for advice (I am in Atlanta)? Any thoughts or guesses as to the value of the flag? What it would cost to conserve?

    I will have pictures posted below shortly. . .they are not fabulous quality, but I don't want to pull it out again to take better ones until I know what I am doing. Just assume it is unlikely to be a fake - the material is thin and has some holes, but is not falling apart. . .but I still don't want to mess with it too much. I have enough stuff from these same 1860-era family members - and I am certain of who they are - to feel confident it is all the real deal.

    Thanks in advance!
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    finally figured out how to add photos without external hosting. . .pics are attached. the last one shows some markings on it that seem to be done in ink - not sure what they say though.

    any opinions welcome!

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  3. NAVA1974

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    If your flag is an authentic 1860's relic, then its value is on the order of $20,000.00 (+/- $10,000*). If the name on the heading can be traced to an individual of note, then that may add a little to the value.

    For textile preservation, I suggest you start here for info:
    Textile preservation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Next, I recommend you send detailed photos of your flag to the following and ask for a preliminary assessment (do they think the flag is likely to be a vintage Confederate Civil War era flag) and price quote for whatever conservation services they think the flag needs:

    Textile Preservation Associates
    Cathy L. Heffner, President phone: 304-724-1861
    e-mail: tpa@frontiernet.net

    American Textile History Museum
    491 Dutton Street
    Lowell, MA 01854-4221
    Tel: (978) 441-0400
    Fax: (978) 441-1412
    (They used to have a conservation service, don't know if they still do, but could certainly link you to places you could go.)

    * The reason the price range is so wide is that the value depends a lot on serendipity. An "insurance value" on the flag (if period) would be at least $20K, but the amount of $$$ you can actually get for it depends on many factors, not the least of which is the economy. Not every collector who wants an authentic CSA flag can afford one. The 150th anniversary of the Civil War will tend to increase the flag's value. Having a conservation report verify the 1860's age of the fabrics and sewing methods would also increase the value, but you have to pay for that service.

    Nick A
    Columbia Maryland
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    I recently sent a flag to Mr. David Martucci for a professional assessment (see my final post about the 30-star flag). I was very impressed with his services. He was also extremely reasonable - $50 for an assessment at $150 for an appraisal. I sent him my flag with a UPS return label and got back the flag and assessment within a week. David's contact info is vex@vexman.net or phone at (207) 845-2857. I would highly recommend his services. While there are many very knowledgeable folks on this forum, for insurance purposes a professional assessment/valuation report may be very wise. "I read it on an internet forum" just doesn't go as far as one would think - even though the advice given it may be entirely accurate.

    David Martucci also recommended to me another flag conservation services that you may want to contact:

    Stillwater Studio
    Mrs. Deborah Bede
    (603) 938-2310
    | Stillwater Textile Conservation Studio, LLCStillwater Textile Conservation Studio, LLC | A wide range of services for the preservation of historic textiles of all types
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    I will second the recommendation for Mr. Martucci. However, Civil War collectors know and respect the opinions of Textile Preservation Associates on the dating of Confederate flags. I have never heard anyone reference Dave regarding a Confederate flag.

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    Send photos for an opinion at info@jeffbridgman.com to get a quote on conservation, dating, or if you wish to sell the flag.
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  8. a2dal

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    Thanks for the tips! I contacted Jeff Bridgman and he has already been most helpful - and will contact Textile Preservation Associates as well. We are not sure we want to sell as it is family history, but getting good and respected documentation of what we have on our hands is important to us!
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    Hello again - I know this isn't flag-related, but I also have several paper artifacts such as commissioning papers signed by Lincoln, etc., that I need preserved and valued. Also, I can't seem to get in contact with Jeff Bridgeman again. . .does anyone have referrals for places that could help me with the paper goods, or any further textile preservation places?
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    Hello, A2dal ! :D

    I believe NAVA1974 (Nick A.) would be your "best bet" here.

    Good Luck !!! :D

    Robin Hickman
    Eugewne, Oregon, USA
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    My powers are overrated.:eek:
    Nick A

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