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    I am a 12 year disabled VET. I have been out of the service for 12 years and still feel awkward at events when they play the National Anthem. I still feel the need to salute the flag; I don’t feel comfortable putting my hand over my heart. To me it’s not enough respect. My question is, “What is the etiquette for saluting the flag?â€￾ Is it proper for someone not in uniform to salute the flag?
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    Until recently, only military personnel in uniform were supposed to use the military salute. However, this has recently been changed. Check out the posts in this thread:


    for all the details.

    Bottom line: the flag code now says that you, as a veteran, can use the military salute, whether you're in uniform or not. There is still an issue involving active-duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel who are not in uniform, but that doesn't apply to you.

    Peter Ansoff

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