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  1. khillis

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    Hello everyone:

    I have acquired an old flag from the estate of a relative. I believe it is a replica of the Benninton Flag; however, I don't know when it might have been produced. Since it's difficult to measure accurately because of wrinkles and some give in the fabric, it is in the range of 57" x 31". The fabric appears to be a heavy-weight cotton, as is the thread. The stars are a woven part of the fabric rather than sewn on additions. The blue is not very faded but the stripes are faded and dingy. I believe the grommets are brass.
    I've attached a photo of the whole flag and an enlargement of the detail. Thank you for any suggestions that may help me in determining the age of this great find.

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  2. csaanv

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    Hi khillis,
    Welcome to American Flags Forum! I know a boat-load of the Bennington flags were made for the Bi-centenial in 1976. So many in fact that some distributors had to mark them down to get rid of them. I was fortunate to snag a few for about $5 a flag a few years ago.
  3. NAVA1974

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    I recall those days as well. Oddly enough, however, your faded Bennington flag may have new life as a "shabby chic" decorator item. It a an eBay phenomenon that a flag like that can sometimes sell for more than one that is new-in-box condition. Go figure!

  4. hadjiholdblue

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    I have a 76 bennington flag hanging from my wall. I bought it at a Good-Will center in MS for $0.25. When I left a man offered me $200 for the flag. Thinking it was worth something or he just money to burn I came here looking for advice. The flag doesn't fit the descriptions of the other users on this site and looks like the 76 benningtons that were massed produced but with major differences. The flag is canvas (cotton), each stripe is individually sown, the number and stars don't look like the design of the others, and its faded. There is no "made in ..." tag anywhere, nor is there a torn segment where it may have been. Two brass islets on the left. The numbers and stars in the blue are not sown like the others I've seen. I'm not expecting for anyone to say that this flag is remarkable or worth a lot anything, just seeing if anyone knew if the differences were of meaning or not.

    I have photos but the site won't let me upload them because of the size. Hope someone can help and if you need pics I can email them to you.
  5. hadjiholdblue

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  6. hadjiholdblue

    hadjiholdblue New Member

    nvm. Photos coming up after approval
  7. csaanv

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    Hi hadjiholdblue,
    You should have taken the $200. Different companies made that flag during the bicentennial, hence there were different variations. Some were made nicer than others, yours being a cheaper version of the flag.
  8. coasterville

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    Maybe that thing called conscience prevented him from taking $200 for a 25 cent flag. Or, the other side, what if I really DID pull an "Antiques Roadshow"

    The Bennington is one of my favorite flag patterns, I have one in my room. (It's a recent year Annin Bulldog - which has the embroidered stars and 76)

    When I show mine to people that aren't really flag people - they almost instantly say "The Bicentennial Flag" Little doubt the markets were flooded with them after 1976. Kind of like what happened to the current flag after the 9/11 patriotic fervor died down. I can recall $1 polycotton and $5 Nylon Annin at Walmart n 2002 as the stores that really stocked up found themselves with too much inventory.
  9. csaanv

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    Taking the $200 was my failed attempt at humor. I agree that the Bennington is a striking image of a flag, one of my favorites too.
  10. Robin Hickman

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    Hello, Hadjiholdblue, and welcome to the USA-Flag-Site Forums ! :D

    Who knows, maybe you'll run into your would-be flag benefactor during your next foray into the Goodwill Store and you'll be able to offer him your flag for "HALF PRICE" ?!?!?! :D

    Even though your Bennington Flag might not be worth any "real" money in the open marketplace, as long as it has some meaning to you then it has "value".

    Thank You for posting pictures of your Bennington! It's really nice when people do that AND it makes it a whole lot easier to answer their questions!

    If you're curious about the value of your flag, you can always go on eBay and do a "search" for it. You can use one search term, as in "Bennington Flag", or two words as in, Bennington Flag (no quotation marks). Once the search results are returned, look to the right of the green "Search" button and click on the "Advanced" option link. when you get there, select (check) the "Completed Listings" option in the "Search Including" section. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the green "Search" button. When you get to the "Completed Listings" page, the items with the RED prices did NOT sell, and the ones with the GREEN prices DID sell.

    Compare the results and you'll be able to see what people were ASKING for their "Bennington Flag" items and what what other people were willing to PAY for them. Hopefully, the differences between the RED and the GREEN prices will give you a pretty good idea of the value of your flag in the marketplace. It doesn't really matter what the ASKING prices are. It's what the items actually SELL for that counts!!!

    Thank You for bringing your flag-related question to our Forums !!! :D

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA

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