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    A 13 star American Flag recently came into our possession via a family member. It has been confirmed that the flag has been in our family's possession for the past 110 years, but we are unsure of any history preceding this time.

    The flag is approximately 3' x 5' and is marked on the top with "US Bunting Co, Lowell, MA". It also says "American Ensign 5 Ft". It appears to be a wool, dyed bunting.

    Any help in identifying the history or age of this flag would be greatly appreciated.

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    Most likely a centennial flag celebrating the revolutionary war. Many were produced in and around 1876. Grommetts were first manufactured in the Civil War.
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    The US Bunting Co. was the first maker of woolen flag bunting in this country. Prior to the US Civil War all wool bunting was imported from England. Benjamin Butler, a US Civil War General and Congressman from Massachusetts, was an owner of the US Bunting Co. That company had a patented method for resist-dyeing wool to make flags. Gen. Butler got the US Congress to pass a law giving preference to US made bunting when buying flags for the government. Since his company was the only one making wool bunting in the US this was definitely a conflict of interest, but was business as usual in those days. I have flags made by the US Bunting company with 13 stars, 37 stars, and 38 stars, and I know they also made 44 star flags so they were in business up to the early 1890's at least.

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