13 Star Flag, Medallion Pattern

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    I have a 13-star, machine stitched flag, perhaps a centennial commemorative piece that I know for certain has been around since the mid- to late-1800s. The material appears to be linen, the stars are double stitched on each side, and there are two metal grommets. The colors are bold, although there are some holes and tears in the flag itself. At one time, there was a stamping near the top grommet, but it's too faded to read (perhaps "Standard"). If you look closely, you can see 2x4. I would appreciate any further help with identification and value.
    Much thanks in advance! photo (18).jpg
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    This is a small scale, entirely machine-sewn, 13 star flag made between approximately 1896 and 1926. The stars are sewn with the zigzag machine stitch, first patented for use on flags in 1892, but can be seen on the very rarest of occasions just before that, but was not commonly used until a couple of years afterward. I use 1926 as the cut off because they basically stopped making them by that time, but they are sometimes used on land and 1926 was a good time to sell them. This was our nation's sesquicentennial, representing 150 years of American independence. I own more of these 13 star private yacht ensigns at any given time than I can ever recall from memory (probably 30 of them at any given time) and I have sold more of them than I can easily remember.

    Value at auction is between $350 and $650. I always buy them.

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