13 Star Hand Sewn Flag

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    Hello, this is my first post and would love to get some feedback on my flag. I have a 13 star American flag that has been in my family since it was constructed. Unfortunately the written history has been lost and we only have oral history from my grandfather. He and his grandfather believed it to be a 17th century flag but I have learned of the rarity of these flags and how many are actually Civil War or Centennial flags. The flag is believed to have come out of Hingham, Mass where my family originates. The flag's dimensions are approx. 37"x65" with the canton being 20"x27". It is constructed from wool bunting stripes, cotton stars (double applique), the canton is linen or cotton (very delicate), and the hoist is hemp rope. There is some water stains and minor repairs of differing techniques. The flag is completely hand sewn. I have provided pictures to some experts (Martucci) who provided me amazing insight to stitching, fabrics, and techniques used making the flag. I recently had it professionally framed by a group who often deal with historical textiles. I was curious if anyone had any experience in having flags fibers examined by a textile expert? Thanks for looking. - Web

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    Sorry, meant to write grandfather believed it to be from late 1700s not 17th century. Story is not nearly as plausible as 17th century or then again....

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