13 Star Medallion Pattern American Flag - Info please

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    Hello there everyone,
    I have found in my Grandparents garage, a 13 star American Flag and was looking for any info anyone can provide... i have also contacted Jeff Bridgman to see what info he may be able to give me.. -- i have searched this fourm and the internet and have not been able to find a flag that matches mine exactly (perhaps meaning i have nothing valuable) -- this link is the closest i have come!
    Rare Flags - Antique American Flags, Historic American Flags

    this is a link to photos of my Flag :

    13 star American Flag pictures by francisco7 - Photobucket

    -- this flag has 6 white stripes and sits on a red stripe
    -- the stars are in a Medallion pattern and are sewn on both sides of the flag, stiched with what apperars to be zigzag stitching
    -- it has a hoist with what appear to be (2) brass grommets (there is no numbering or stamps on the grommets)
    -- it is stamped (actually looks hand written) with the name Gilfillan (which i cant find any info on)
    -- on the other side it is stamped 'Standard 2 X 3'
    -- Also 2 of the stars on one side seem to have some markings on them, most likely not meant to be there..
  2. Crystal

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    Nobody had ANYTHING for me ???? wow !
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    Sorry. My Bad!

    There were other threads with similar flags and I thought yours was answered elsewhere.

    Here is one of those threads:

    Your flag dates from the period 1892-1930+/-
    That pattern was mass produced during the Columbian World's Exposition in Chicago of 1893 using zig zag sewn stars.That was the earliest major use of zig zag stitching in US flags. By the Geo Washington Bicentennial of 1932, the "Betsy Ross" pattern had infested the US and neither the Medallion nor the Hopkinson pattern (3-2-3-2-3) were seen again. Until Vexillology came along.

    "STANDARD" refers to the grade of the wool bunting used in the flag. Usually meant that the material met US Government standards.

    I have four antique versions of the Medallion pattern flag in my own collection. Here's a link to all my 13 star flags on Flickr.com:
    13 Star Flags - a set on Flickr

    IN MY OPINION, the value of your flag is as follows:
    On eBay, $500 to $1000, maybe more if you get two folks who really want it. At a brick-and-mortar auction house $250 to $500 (A few months ago I was surprised as heck when I won a nice one for $235 at a high-end militaria auction. Apparently this little commemorative medallion flag didn't have enough military panache to interest anyone.)
    At an antique shop (meaning a good one that deals in Americana), $1500 to $2000
    Archivally framed at an antique shop $2500 to $4000

    I hope this information is of some use to you.

    Nick A
    Columbia Maryland

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