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    Hi All
    I Am Looking For Information On A 13 Star Navel Ensign That I Found In An Old Barn As A Child I Lived In Somerville Ma. Which Is Very Close To The Charlestown Navey Yard.the Information That I Have Now Is U.s. Ensign #8 Navy Yard N.y. July 1898 Size Is 31"x54"
    The Gromet Reads Patd. Aug 26 1884 No. 0 After The 1898 It Reads Op81 Or 61 THANKS PHIL REYNOLDS
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    Re: 13 star navel ensign

    Your flag is a US Navy Boat Flag. An "ensign" is the national flag of stars amd stripes flown at the stern of a ship or boat, while the "jack" is just the field of stars. Since boats flew a smaller ensign than ships, Boat Flags had 13 stars so that the stars would be more distinguishable at a distance (also because sewing all the little stars to represent all the states took a long time when every thing was done by hand.) By WW I the Navy adopted the 48 star flag for all sizes of ensigns.
    A flag very similar to yours just sold on eBay for $1770. You can see it at
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    That was about the highest price I have seen for a navy-marked 13 star boat flag recently.

    Can you post a picture of your flag?

    For more navy boat flags please see:
    Flickr: Search nicka21045's photostream

    Nick A
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    Re: 13 star navel ensign

    Hi NICK thank you so much for the very informative information on my flag pics. are comming my flag is not in that great cond.
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    Here are Phil's Photos:

    Phils Photo 4.JPG

    Phils Photo 1.jpg

    Phils Photo 2.JPG

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