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    Looks old...hand stitched...multiple repairs...I know nothing about flags. Odds are it is not real but would like to know what to look for and learn a little. This flag was recently found in an unpaid storage unit that had other antique items.Thanks for any help..Chris

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    Hello 13 Star and welcome to the USA Flag Forum.
    It is definitely not from the 18th century. 13 star flags have been used continually over the last 236 years, and yours has a star pattern that was common from the 1870' through the 1920's. In order to tie down the date better we would need to see close-up photos of the stars, stripe stitching, and fabrics. Of course it could have been made last year using old materials and techniques, but the aging and damage appear legitimate and I believe the flag is about 100 years old or so.
    Nick A
    Columbia Maryland
  3. 13star

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    Thank you ...here is a close up..

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  4. AmericaHurrah

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    1st quarter 20th century I think. Looked earlier in the overall image, but the stripes are sewn by machine. The stars are applied with an unusual stitch and appear to be by machine. I'd like to see this in person. Perhaps send a few more close-ups of the stars.

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