28 or 31 Star Oversized Flag Needed

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Laly G.M., Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Laly G.M.

    Laly G.M. New Member

    Hello. Hope this posting goes through, since I am new to this. I am looking for a U.S. 28 or 31 star flag (an original is what I need). The size needs to be approximately 10 feet wide to decorate a wall of a building where I work. (I already have a 45 star flag that measures 8' x 12' and getting another oversized flag would look perfect to have a pair with great historical meaning). I am not having any luck finding these on Ebay, Craigslist, several antique places websites, etc. If anyone has any suggestions on where I can look or whom I can call, I would greatly appreciated your help. Thank you. -Laly G.M.
  2. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    I have been colleccting antique American flags for 40 years and I have the only 28-star flag I ever saw for sale. It is less than 5 feet long. 31 star flags are just about as rare, and I have never seen one of the size you are seeking.

    The only recommendation I have is to contact Jeff Bridgman at Jeff Bridgman American Antiques and Antique American Flags Jeff has had a couple of small 31-star flags recently. He also has contacts in the antiques business and if a large one is available you may be able to buy one for $15,000 or so. They are rare, indeed. On the other hand, collectors seeking large flags are even rarer - good luck.

    Nick A
    Columbia, Maryland
  3. csaanv

    csaanv Member

    The reason you are having a hard time is those are very rare flags which could cost several thousands of dollars even if you could find the size you want. Antique flag dealer Jeff Bridgman would your best bet if money is not an object. I think having reproductions made would be a much cheaper option. We are talking a few hundred as oppose to several thousand. Good luck!
  4. Laly G.M.

    Laly G.M. New Member

    Thank you "NAVA1974" and "csaanv" for your response. I'll contact Jeff Bridgman and will let you know if I find something. Thank you again.

    Laly G.M.
    Brownsville, Texas
  5. retired52627

    retired52627 New Member

    I have one and am very suprised to find out its worth.please contact me if interested.
  6. Laly G.M.

    Laly G.M. New Member

    Hello Retired52627. Thank you for your response. And yes, of course, I am still very interested. Do you have pictures that you can email to me and a listed price for the flag, by chance?
  7. retired52627

    retired52627 New Member

    I have been helping a relative sell antiques.He found out it is a 30 star flag.Iam not sure of its value yet but here it is.my apology.it is cotton and hand stitched.I will be able to get better photos soon.if you know anything about it please let me know.


  8. jvalley

    jvalley New Member

    dear person..
    i may have a solution for you. I have a flag for sale. it is a cival war era flag. it is a large flag. it has 21 stars on it in the grand star formation. the stars are painted on. there is some damage to acouple stars. the rest of the flag is in good shape. it has repairs on it but the repairs were done during the same time era of the flag. if you have interest in this flag please email me at jvalley1977@gmail.com
  9. jvalley

    jvalley New Member

  10. Amanda Huddleston

    Amanda Huddleston New Member

    I have a 31 star flag. My old neighbor gave it to me 10yrs ago and said his friend at the Fort bliss museum gave it to him. This neighborhood was a big coin collector and did not have any family. I never knew it was worth anything. Not sure I'd sell it unless it's really worth it. Not sure if it's original but it's a little worn is why it was given away he said. He said it was one that was flown outside for many years. Anyone know anyone close to little rock Arkansas that could look at it and tell me if its original?
  11. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    If the flag has any seams or stars that are sewn by machine stitching, the flag is very likely a replica. The military post that eventually became Fort Bliss was began in 1846 when there were 28 states. I would not be surprised to know that the fort used a 28-star flag during America's Bicentennial in 1976.
  12. Amanda Huddleston

    Amanda Huddleston New Member

    Thank you. How do I put a pic on this site?
  13. Amanda Huddleston

    Amanda Huddleston New Member

    Can I email you a pic and you tell me what you think?
  14. DTOM2288

    DTOM2288 New Member

    I'm in fort smith I could possibly look at it. I'm no expert like these guys tho.
  15. Peter Ansoff

    Peter Ansoff USA Flag Site Admin

    I've taken the liberty of moving this thread to the "Flag Identification and Collecting" section, so that it will be more visible to members who are interested in that area.

    It's actually fairly easy to post a photo. Just put the cursor where you want it to go in your message, click on the "upload a file" button in the lower right of the edit screen, and select the image from your hard drive. After uploading it, you'll get a prompt asking if you want to show a thumbnail or the actual image. (Viewers can click on the thumbnail to bring the image up.) The only tricky part is that there's a size limit on the file -- I believe it's around 98K for a jpg -- so you may need to resize it before uploading.
  16. Tom Cardaropoli

    Tom Cardaropoli New Member

    We presently have an original 24 star American Flag selling at unreserved auction on eBay - I am new here also and am not allowed to post a link but our user id is walnuts and the item number is 331634550544. The flag is 140" (a 4 ydr) and is stunning. The auction began last evening with an opening bid of $9.00. Here is a photo from the listing. IMG_20171211_001915.jpg

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