28 Star for Texas Statehood

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  1. I based this flag on a design on Nick's great flickr website. It is not an official design but there were very loose guidelines in 1845! A square canton distinguishes this star field. Just in time for January 29th.
  2. csaanv

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    I love it. Nice work! What type of cotton do you use? Wendover?
  3. Thank you so much! I use 100% cotton from my local Joann's. Their Classic for the red and blue and Kona for the white because it is brighter than the Classic white. The header is a canvas cotton.
  4. Robin Hickman

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    WOW !!! :D

    FANTASTIC !!! :D

    (Too bad it's blocking the view of your "Bottle Tree"!!!) :)

    BTW : Our MIGHTY OREGON DUCKS are playing the Texas Longhorns tomorrow afternoon/evening in the Alamo Bowl!

    GO DUCKS !!! :cool:

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.

  5. Thank you, Robin! I am striving to get better at it.

    As for the bottle tree, that was another project that is almost complete. We have more than enough bottles to finish it but it was a lot of fun getting to that point! We have a Sweet Muscadine vineyard near by called Duplin that specializes in muscadine and scuppernong grapes. Mostly sweet but they go down easy on a hot day. It took us less than 3 months to fill that tree!

    I'll post a picture of it soon.
  6. Robin Hickman

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    Congratulations on the Flag and Good Luck with the Bottle Tree!!!


  7. Here is my 2nd version of our bottle tree. This one has a 3/8" dowel instead of 1/4" which failed miserably due to bending and breaking because of humidity. I've had one failure so far with this 2nd generation but so far so good. Keeps the bad spirits away...

  8. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    ... Looking good!

    Have you thought of using some kind of "non-wood" dowel that is impervious to weather (heat, humidity, rain, etc.)???

  9. Thanks, Robin. I thought about using metal rod but decided on wood doweling to see if it could handle it. I'll know better in another 6 months. Plastic would be my next choice. there's always a learning curve for me. Especially making flags!

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