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  1. DRDP18

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    We have put in 3 flag poles, the one in the middle is the tallest, we know the US flag goes
    on the middle pole, but with all the searching we are not sure about the State flag or our
    4h flag. looking at the poles from the road does the state flag go on the left or right of the
    US Flag?
  2. Robin Hickman

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    Hello, DRDP18 !

    Welcome to the USA-FLAG-SITE Forums!

    As seen from the road, the flags should be, from left to right, your State's Flag, the U.S. Flag, and your 4-H Flag.

    I hope this helps!

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA
  3. DRDP18

    DRDP18 New Member

    Thank you, Thats helps. Where is this documented, I looked in the flag code and every where else I
    could think of.
  4. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    Hello, again!

    It is an example of what is known as the "Order Of Precedence", wherein there is an established order of how multiple Flags should be placed when displayed together based on their order of importance (precedence). Here in the United States, the most important Flag in our National Flag (American Flag). The "Order Of Precedence" is not fully covered in the "Flag Code", which only covers a few of the possible situations, such as U.S. & State Flags, U.S. & Foreign Nations' Flags, etc. Please Re-read Section 7 (§7. Position and manner of display) of U.S. Code, Title 4 - The Flag.

    Flag Code

    You should be able to figure out that the American Flag "out-ranks" (takes precedence over) your State's Flag, therefore it should be flown from the center pole, which is the tallest one. The next step would be to figure out which Flag should be on the left-hand pole (viewers' left) which is the more "important" one (precedence) and which should be on the right-hand flagpole. In this case, the State Flag "out-ranks" (takes precedence over) your company's flag. So the State Flag should be on the left-hand pole (viewers' left) and your company's flag should be on the right. If all three flagpoles were the same height, then the "Order Of Precedence" would be, from the viewers' left-to-right, the U.S. Flag, the State Flag, and the company flag.

    Flag Frequently Asked Questions

    Scroll down to about halfway down the page to the section "Displaying the Flag". You should see some graphics which help to illustrate how the Flags should be flown together.

    VERY detailed & comprehensive ARMY Regulations (December, 1998) : http://www.ushistory.org/betsy/images/r840_10.pdf

    Happy Flag Flying !!!

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.

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