30 Star Flag?

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    Wool bunting, cotton stars, hand stitching of stars, stripes, and heading all appear (from the photos) to be consistent with mid 19th century flagmaking techniques. While the same techniques continued to be used for years, there's not much reason to suspect that anyone would have spent the money for such a large reproduction 30-star flag unless it was for the 50th anniversary of Wisconsin's admission as the 30th state. But that would have been in 1898 and the stripes, at least, would have probably been sewn by machine by that date.

    But even if it is an authentic period flag, it is rather large and that does affect an antique flag's value - large flags are more difficult to display, for most collectors, and therfore are less in demand.

    That being said, I am glad that I have a small, hand sewn cotton30-star flag in my collection so I won't need to bid on the eBay flag: https://www.flickr.com/photos/artimovich/4590663304/

    Nick A
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    Thanks for the information, it's huge! If I win this flag, I'll need to be creative when I display it.

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