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    Very new to this board and flags in general. Looking for some information on a flag that I recently became owner of. Hoping to be get some feedback on where I can find more information on it. From what I have been able to dig up online, I believe it is pretty old and stars in medallion configuration, but thats about all I know. Any feedback or advice is much appreciated! I have attached a couple quick pictures snapped on cellphone. Measurements of Flag approx. 15 x 22

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    Hello cro828 and welcome to the USA Flag Forum!

    That flag is a nice find, indeed. It is the scarce "outlined star" variation. I have a number of medallion-type patterns in my collection, but I don't have an example of the outlined star. (Here's a link to my flickr.com album showing the variety of patterns that I do have:
    https://www.flickr.com/photos/artimovich/sets/72157623826481869/ )

    30-star flags were in official use from 1848-1850. Printing on cotton was within the limits of American technology back then, but I can't say for sure when the earliest flags printed on cotton muslin (as yours is) were made. I have flags of the same material with 26, 27, 29, 31, and 33 stars included in my flag chronology: https://www.flickr.com/photos/artimovich/sets/72157623922411253/

    For further information on the manufacture of sewn flags, google "Thirteen Star Flags - Keys to Identification" and you will finda PDF of Grace Rogers Cooper's 1971 book on that subject.

    Nick A
    Columbia Maryland
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    Thanks! The outlined star is what initially caught my eye when I came across it. I had no idea that is what made it scarce. Again, being new to early flags, what exactly does scarce mean in relation to this flag or is there even any way to know such a thing? I also took a look at your albums. Very impressive collection!!

    Again, thanks for the input on the flag. It will be very helpful as I continue to research it!

  4. NAVA1974

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  5. cro828

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    Thanks again for all of your knowledge. I reached out to Mr. Bridgman as well. Judging by the information in that link, you were spot on in saying it was scarce---10 to 15 of them in existence! I suppose maybe I should look into getting it appraised/insured/in a proper frame.


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