36 Star Flag in need of some TLC

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    Hello my fellow flag fanatics. I recently purchased this 36 star flag at a yard sale. It measures 32" x 49.5" As you can see it is a "well loved" condition. I honestly like the wear and appearance of the flag itself. As it sits right now the flag appears to have been attached to a backing material as can be seen in the third picture. It does not appear that it was sewn to the backing. The flag sits on a board that has yellowed significantly. The whole thing is covered by a hideous plastic sheet (the white material is on the surface of the plastic in the second picture). Unfortunately, someone had written "Restoration by:" on the back of the board, but failed to complete the information.

    I am familiar with the general history the 36 star flag. My hope is to find out a little more about this specific flag. This might include what type of material was used in its production and what was used to color the fabric.

    I am looking to upgrade the display of the flag. If anyone has any ideas to share on the form of "restoration" that has been performed (the adherence of the flag to the backing) and whether that is something that needs to be addressed, it would be appreciated. Other opinions or thoughts would be great.

    Thanks for everyone's time.



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    Great find! You are correct it will a good home and some TLC.
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    We have a conservation business and employ staff with masters degrees in textile conservation from top schools. Mounting this properly is not inexpensive, but that said we are very good at it. If you'd like to discuss it you can call me at (717) 676-0545.


    Jeff Bridgman

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