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    Hello. First time on. Looking forward to exchanging info with all of you. I am new to the study of flags, having spent my time thus far immersing myself in Am. Civil War history and artifacts. I recently obtained a wool bunting 37-star flag from a friend. It is 48" X 76+" with substantial loss at the fly end. Stars show through reverse of canton. It does not have any grommet holes on the hoist end. Rather, the hoist end is sleeved for a pole. There are 3 lacing holes at the top of the hoist end, and there are 3 lacing holes at the bottom end, too. The following ink stamp is found on the reverse of the hoist end: "J.P. Nawrath & Co. New York Patent May 22, 18XX" (Can't read the last 2 digits of the year). The flag shows lots of wear and discoloration. Looks like it was flown outside and exposed to the elements. Anyone have any info or ideas about this flag? Most would consider it in relic condition, but I'm going to frame it for my office. It looks really cool, and I can't just stuff it in a drawer. Thanks!

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