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    My mother purchased this flag in Sante Fe New Mexico about 7 years ago. It has 38 Stars and is in very poor condition. We know that it was made for Colorado in 1876 and has flown under five different presidents. We were told that this flag may have flown over a fort in the Western united states but have no documentation from it. It has been what we believe to be hand repaired (See pics). It measures 5 feet x 8 feet. It has markings "5 x 8" written on the binding tape of the flag (see pic). There is also a needle pin that has not been removed. As you can see in the pics below, we did not want to open the flag to its full potential because we were afraid it might tear. We need more information on this flag and how to repair or restore it. Any help about this is appreciated.

    38 Stars




    Seamstress pin


    Back of flag

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