38 Star Post (?) flag 10' X 20'

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    I would like to request some assistance re: a very large 38 star flag my friend has asked me to research for him.

    Firstly, though, I am having trouble figuring out how to post picures on this site. I know pictures would help you help me :).

    Any guidance on how to post pictures on this site will be GREATLY appreciate.

  2. the easiest way to do it is this :

    go to Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket make a free account and upload your pictures onto your album.... then when they are uploaded you will see boxes underthem uincluding URLs for the picture and also an image code which may start off lookin a bit like this http://photobucket...... etc etc...
    u then paste this image link into the box here where u type and ur pictures will show up straight on the site when you submit your thread/reply

    just like this :D


    that is one of the flags i own- it is G-SPEC 5x9.6 ft (the correct proportions and colour shades - fine stitching made wit 70 denier parachute nylon )
    the blue canton has really shone up in this pic it is really a bit darker than that but the flash was on the camera.

    im looking forward to seeing this flag and welcome to the forum :D
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    Re: 38 Star Post (?) flag 10' X 20' (american_flag_uk)

    Thank you for the the reply, and for the guidance. I will be sure to do that. It will have to wait until this weekend due to three kids playing on three diffferent soccer teams during the week.

    Thanks again, and have a great day!
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    Re: 38 Star Post (?) flag 10' X 20' (pictures)



    This flag belongs to a good friend of mine (pictured). He purchased it at an estate auction a few years back ( I was present at the time). I took this photograph this past weekend from his roof.

    I listed above that the dimensions are 10' X 20'. That is not entirely acurate. I believe the measurements are closer to 9'6" X 17'10". However we didin't stretch the flag out completely when we measured it.

    At any rate, any information any one may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated. I know the 38th star was added to recognize Colorado as a new State. I also believe I may have inaccurately descibed this as a "Post" flag, as official dimensions/proportions weren't in effect duriung the late 19th century. Am I correct?

    At the top of the white strip (hoist) next to the Hoist of Union , in blue block letter ink, is the name John Hoyt. In handwritten ink is the name Blair.

    Again, any information will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks again american_flag_uk for your help.
  5. hye nicwe pic... though it was titchy and could hardly see it! so i went in and got a bigger version to stick on here :D


    looks nice aice flag you got there
    i have not seen that star pattern before. its good idea tho in case more stars needed to be added there was the space to do it.

    looks like a nice day to be out catching some rays!!

    the names on it may have been the owners of the flag
    looks like the colors have stayed in good condition without fading or running- but youll jus have to be careful with it with those holes in it - wouldent want to make them bigger.
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    This could very well have been made for use on a ship or a tall building, but I doubt that it was made under a USGovernment Contract. (The Navy issued regs on the star pattern long before W.H.Taft issued his Executive Order establishing the star pattern in 1912.) The pattern of holes appears to be insect damage working inward from the folded flag - same bug eating deeper and deeper into the folded flag.
  7. yea i wasthinin that too NAVA bout the bugs but wasnt sure so i didnt type it
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    I too found a 38 star flag at an estate sale. The stripes are sewn and seem to be made of a burlap type material, but the stars are printed. I know the 38 star flag was used between 1877 and 1890, but my question is, did they have printed materials back then????? How can I find out if this is truley from that era or if it is a replica.
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    Hi. You posted a question about a 38-star flag last year. Sorry I didn't see it until now. I would be willing to bet that it is authentic because going thru the process to make the print screens for a flag that size today would be prohibitively expensive. If you look on the heading you may see "Patented April 1870" or "United States Bunting Company Lowell Massachusetts." The US Bunting Co. produced flags for the government, and their patented resist-dye process made it very economical to mass produce large flags. If you have a minute could you please check that flag and let me know if anything is printed on the heading? Thanks, and Happy Holidays.

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