38 Star US Flag, Medallion Pattern

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    Hello Everyone:

    Looking for Collector Interest - this seemed like the right forum.

    Like so many people - a US Flag has been passed down though the family. Now the question is - what to do with it? I have no wish to pass it on to my kids - to store over their lifetime - only to pass it on to be stored again and again and again.

    It is a 38 Star, Medallion Pattern perhaps 9’ x 18’. I believe its wool and it has a few small tears - hand sown of course. From the information I can find on the Web - looks like 1776 and Colorado Statehood. A couple pictures below - did not have room to full open the Flag. It is shown on an 8' table.. FlagP1sm.jpg FlagP2sm.jpg

    The “story” is that it belonged to a Great Great Grandfather - John W. Digger, and was flown over the State House in Pennsylvania. Other than a very old note -which finally fell apart - there is no other documentation.

    Would love to see it go to someone or somewhere - where it would be appreciated.
  2. Wow! Welcome to the forum, Carl! That is a massive flag! One of my favorite patterns. I even made one for my own use except 3' x 5'.

    With a flag of that size and in need of preservation, I wonder if the state of Pennsylvania would have an interest. Perhaps Jeff Bridgman, a purveyor of antique flags, may help give you some ideas and options! I believe he is located in Pennsylvania.


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    Hello! I am interested in purchasing the flag. Please private message me with your asking price. Let's make a deal!
  4. kirshmed

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    Hello!! Is this flag still available?

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