4 ft. 6 in. x 7 ft. U. S. Flag, Interment

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    I am new to this form and just recently purchased a 50 Star flag (4-1/2 x 7 ft. U. S. Flag, Interment) from a local Military Store I have the box it came in and on one side of the outside of the box it has the following:

    4-1/2 X 7 U. S. Flag, Interment
    50 Star
    1 each
    Valley Forge Flag, Co.
    Sinking Springs, Pa.
    Sinking Springs is correct (it is in smaller print than the other information - had to use a magnifying glass in order to read it)

    The other side has:
    Veterans Administration
    Winston Salem, NC
    Addressed to Postmaster, Warsaw, NC
    Their are no zip codes on the box in the addresses.

    The flag has an identification tag sewn on it and the information is:
    "BEST" 2x2 PLY
    100% Cotton-Bunting
    Valley Forge Flag Co.
    Spring City, PA

    Inside the box is a V A Form 10-2893 dated JAN 1958. (That shows some age due to some minor fading of the printing on the paper and the paper is starting to get brittle)
    The return address on the form is:
    Veterans Administration
    Central Office
    Washington 25, D. C.
    and is addressed to:
    Veterans Administration Supply Depot
    P. O. Box 27
    Hines, Illinois
    Again no zip codes. There is a hand written note on the form stating, "Does not need to be return PER/VET. Administration, Oct. 21, 2008 in Illinois."

    The stars on the flag are stitched (sewn on), Matter of fact the whole flag with all the stripes are stitched (sewn together). I would like to be able to properly identify this flag and the time frame it was made in, as it is not listed as a standard size in the Marine or Air Force Flag manuals for any type of flag. The standard casket interment flag is 5 ft. x 9 ft. 6 in. One thing the flag has never been folded in a triangle, it was just folded in a rectangle to fit it the box. The box is 3.25" (Height) x 9.25" (Length) x 6" (Width). Also, the box has been flatten to some extent as if something heavier was on top of it and flattened it down due to the weight for some time. I did find one small article (a odd ball site) while doing a Google search that this size flag had two uses, one was to fly at small Military installations and the second to drape over a veterans casket. But I can not find anywhere else any information on this size/type flag and other than that article that this size flag was used to drape over a veterans casket of fly at a small Military installation. Would any one be able to help me in this matter? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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