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    Hey All-

    Recently acquired a nice 40 star flag. The flag itself is large, roughly 10 ft in length. Stripes are machine sewn and the stars are double appliquéd to the canton. Hoist appears commercial and well built with four grommets along the height.

    Star pattern is essential 6x6 with 4 extra stars added to the hoist side of the canton. Usually I see 40 star flags with an 8x5 pattern, at least the commercially made ones anyway. Obviously home-made flags can sport any arrangement of stars, but this flag doesn't appear to be home-made with its industrial look and feel, although I could be wrong. No markings on the flag whatsoever. Anyone ever see anything like this?



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  2. Dexter Cole

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    Just a novice but what a great and rare flag. From your description and its appearance it seems like it is a commercially made flag and not home made. States were being added often during this point in our history and that must have caused concerns for the flag makers. Once we add another state, those flags that were already made just became obsolete. In the case of your flag it almost seems like they held off on the left column until they knew the flag was being sold. Just speculation and we may never know...but what a great flag.
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    Hello, Kirshmed, and welcome to The USA-FLAG-SITE Forums!

    However, and whenever, it came into existence, I agree with Dexter! Wow! What a great and rare Flag!

    However, there never was an "Official" 40-Star U.S. Flag.

    The 38-Star Flag was "Official" for 13 years: From July 4th, 1877 to July 3rd, 1890.

    Additional Stars are always added the July 4th following one or more States entry into The Union. With the addition of Five (5) States (Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Washington) between July 4th, 1889 and July 3rd, 1890, Five (5) Stars were "Officially" added on July 4th, 1890.

    So the U.S. Flag "officially" jumped from 38 Stars straight to 43 Stars in one day: July 3rd (38 Stars) to July 4th (43 Stars), 1890.

    Which means that, "officially", there were NO 39-Star, Or 40-Star, Or 41-Star, Or 42-Star U.S. Flags.

    NOW, the BIG MYSTERY might be: How did Kirshmed's Flag end up with 40 Stars? Is it some kind of North Dakota (39th State) or South Dakota (40th State) LOCALLY "Altered" U.S. Flag???

    Enquiring Flag Minds Want To Know !!!

    Robin Hickman

    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
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