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    Here is my 42 star flag [1889] which is 3' x 5', wool, in decent condition with a number of smaller "moth
    holes" and the usual "aged colors". It has the [sewn on] "dancing stars", going in different directions
    which is normal for flags of this age [and earlier] and sewn stripes. This is the only "smaller" size flag
    I have, as the rest of my collection are at least twice the size, and I'm looking to buy other vintage
    flags from the 1800's in this size when I can find nice ones for a reasonable price.

    I doubt this was ever flown, though it has enough fading to assume it hung out in the weather for
    some time during its service.

    [click on photo to enlarge]

    44 STAR.jpg
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    I was just trying to help you promote your hobby in displaying your collection. I am sorry if that offends you.
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    Not sure what you mean?
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    I like this. For me is a very good!

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