43 star antique larger flag, value guess'?

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    I bought an antique flag at a flea market and I'm trying to get a guess as to a value. from the research I've done so far it's kind of rare. It's 43 stars, I think it's wool. It has some very old repairs but nothing crazy. Sewn on stars. It's large, 134"x88" ish. It has a makers mark but I can't read it it's a stamp on the white edge where it would be hung from the old brass grommets. The mark is about a 1-2 inch circle. It also has 3 very old areas on the white edge where someone wrote either a name or maybe a town. First spot where there is writing is extremely faded, the second are of old writing isn't as faded, and then the third area is an old sewn on patch. All three spots say "Jerolaman". Any ideas if there is value to it. Thanks, Lisa :)
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    Hi Lisa,
    Is there anyway you can send us some pictures. I know you can't show the entire flag but the areas you described. It would help us to possibly indentify the maker and increase it's value.
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    Here are some I will add a few more. Thanks Mike

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  4. drakercy@msn.com

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    A couple more photos. Does this help?
    Thanks Again,

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    Hello Lisa,
    Thanks for the pics. Please check the beginning of the row that only has 6 stars to see if there was a star there at one time. Your flag displays a very common pattern for 44-star flags 8-7-7-7-7-8 except for that missing star.

    Unfortunately the photos are too small to see any additional details. How are the stars sewn onto / into the blue canton? Is there a patent date on the grommets?

    Assuming it IS a period 43 star flag, the value depends on size and condition. The condition of yours appears fairly good, but it is too large to be atttractive to most collectors. As an example of 43 star flags at auction, see this from Heritage:
    Rare United States 43 Star Flag. The 43 star American flag was only | Preview # | Heritage Auctions
    You have to log in to see that it sold for $956. It was a good displayable size, too. I would estimage that your flag would be worth between $600 and $1200. There are many flag collectors who watch eBay and that might be a good way to sell it. And if my price range contradicts what I said earlier, keep in mind that eBay high bids can be very variable depending on who happens to see the flag, and how much competition there is at the moment of final bidding (most good flags get their high bids in the last 10 seconds.)

    By the way, here's a photo of my 43-star flag:
    Rare 43 star US flag | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Nick A
    Columbia MD

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