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  1. cmclane2

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    I have a 44-star flag that has a circular pattern of the stars. I think it is printed on a flour-sack. I cant find any information on this on the internet.
    Any information would be apprciated. Thanks.
  2. NAVA1974

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    Circular patterns for stars were very common from the 1840's through the 1880's (38-stars) but are scarcer for 44- and 45-star flags. Can you post, or send me a digital image so I can try to give you more info?
  3. try wyoming around 1891 or so.... ive never heard of a 44 stared flag is a circle but from what i know 44 stars is wyoming and they became one of the US States in 1891.
  4. cmclane2

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    Thanks for replying, here is a photo.

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  5. NAVA1974

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    Thanks for the photo. It does, indeed, appear to be an early 1890's vintage printed cotton flag. The 44-star flag was official from July 4, 1891, to July 3, 1896. There were no "official patterns" for the stars until 1912, so flagmakers would produce whatever they thought would sell. As I noted earlier, by the 1890's circular patterns were seen less frequently than earlier in the century.
  6. cmclane2

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    Thanks for the info! It helped alot. :)
  7. AmericaHurrah

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    Hi, do you still have your 44 star flag?
  8. kc44stars

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    Just wondering if you have found any more info on you flag? I too have a 44 star flag, but mine is in the shape of a star. Thanks K

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