45 star american flag

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    American Flag with 45 stars....
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    The 45 star American flag was adopted after Utah became a US State. The flag went unchanged for 12 years, from July 4th, 1896 to July 3rd, 1908, when Oklahoma became a state. What you have is a piece of American history!

    Hope that helps!
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    hi i live in scotland and was in american in 1986 and was at West Point where i visited an antique store just outside West Point and purchased an American flag which was flown at west point it has 45 stars and is sized 157 inches by 262 inches it is well worn and has the flag pole hole in it i have never washed it in fear of ruining it but i am looking for some advice on where to get info on it and get a value and where best to sell it
    I am Scottish but feel that it may be part of American history and may be saught after by a collector i have pictures of it if you would like them sent
    Please can you help or get me intouch with someone who may can help

    Regards Michael Windram
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    I have a LARGE 45 star flag. It has been in the family for generations.

    It originally flew over the Beaver Island Lighthouse in Lake Michigan.

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  5. Ama welcome to USA flag site... wow ... that is a nice flag you have there ! very nice indeed!!! - i have a very small 45 star flag on a stick... but that one is huge

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