45 star flag (1902)

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    > Subject: 45 star flag (1902)
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    The stars were arranged in six rows, the first row having eight stars and the second having seven stars and so on down the field. If you'd like to see a picture, there's a good one a Wikipedia.

    I hope this helps.

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    To whom it may concern,

    How many stars were on teh U.S.A. Flag when President
    Theodore Roosevelt was president from 1901-1909?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    There were 45 stars at the beginning of his term. A 46th star was added on November 15, 1907 with the admission of Oklahoma. The flag did not change again until 1912.
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    Hi. When making a reproduction of a US flag that was in use prior to 1912 you are free to use any pattern of stars you please. SaraW described a common patter for mass produced flags but there were no specifications for flags beyond the fact that they should have 13 red and white stripes and a star for each state. During the mid 19th century flags with stars in rows were less common than flags with stars arranged in circles, open squares, or great star patterns. If you want to see some original examples of these early star patterns see my Worthpoint page at Antique American Flags | WorthPoint
    You may have to sign up for a free Worthpoint account but I have 22 different flags posted (including a number of mini 13 star flags.)

    Granted the Army and the Navy did have more detailed flag specifications, but it wasn't until President Taft's executive order of 1912 were the stars set in a pattern that was used universally.

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    I recently came upon a 45-star flag, how do you know if it is authentic?
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    Hello evameadows. Full sized 45-star flags use fabrics and sewing methods that were commonly used throughout the 46-star and well into the 48-star flag era, up to about World War II - wool bunting, cotton stars applied with zig zag stitching, brass grommets. If you post a photo we might be able to see enough indicators to let us know if it is likely to be legit.
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    thank you I will post a pictures asap
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    I have pictures now. How do I load them to this site?
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    Hi, EvaMeadows !

    Welcome to our forums !

    When you click on the "Reply" button, and the reply window opens up, there is a double-row "tool bar" at the top of the "message" window. The TOP row of buttons has a little "paper clip" icon with a menu arrow next to it. This is used for adding attachments to your reply!

    When you click on the "paper clip" a new window opens up. This window will show you what types of files you are allowed to attach AND the limitations to their sizes!

    NOTE : When attaching photos, the MOST you may attach to any given reply is FOUR (4) !

    Given the size limitations for photos, you'll probably have to re-size your pictures smaller. I usually size mine to 400 x 300 pixels, without any problems.

    When the "attachments" windows opens, you'll be given the option to upload a photo from your computer or from a URL on the internet.

    In THIS example, I've uploaded one from my computer. I clicked the "Browse" button and navigated to my desktop, and selected an already "pre-sized" photo titled, "PeaceOfficersMemorialDay-HalfStaff.JPG", and clicked the "upload" button.

    IF the picture was too large, the website's software would let me know. I'd then re-size it to make it smaller and try again.

    The "attachment" should now appear as a link in the bottom left-hand corner of this message. I can also use that attachment to place the picture INSIDE the reply, but for now I'll just leave it as an attachment.

    BTW : The photo I'm using as an example, "PeaceOfficersMemorialDay-HalfStaff.JPG", I just took this morning. Today, May 15th, is National "Peace Officers Memorial Day", and I'm flying my American Flag at half-staff to honor those peace officers who have fallen in the line of duty in the past year.

    Hopefully, this short little tutorial will be enough for you to attach the pictures (limit 4) of your Flag!

    Robin Hickman

    PS. I'll make another reply after this one to actually put the photo INSIDE the reply so it is part of the reply, not just an attachment!

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    Re: 45 star flag (1902) - Adding Photos

    When you click on "Post Reply" (NOT "quick reply") you will have a message screen that allows you to change fonts, add smiley faces, and add attachments. As long as your photo is downloaded to your computer, you can click on the Paper Clip to attach a file. Then click "browse" until you find your photo, and attach it to the email.
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    This 45 star flag has letters printed on it by the grommet. There is a pic of the letters. The stars are sewed to both sides of the flag. It is 96" x 46"

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    It would be great if maybe I could find out if its authentic and if its worth anything. Thanks
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    Hello, again !

    OK, now I'm going to upload the same photo as before, attach it to this reply, THEN "manage the attachment" so that the photo appears IN the reply!

    I do EXACTLY what I did the first time : Clicked on the "paper clip" icon in the upper toolbar; when the new window opened, I browsed to my desktop and selected the same photo that I did before (PeaceOfficersMemorialDay-HalfStaff.JPG), then I uploaded it. So far, so good!

    Now that I have that photo uploaded as an attachment, I go back up to the "paper clip" icon in the toolbar and click on it AGAIN. When I do that, a small window opens up titled (in RED) "Manage Attachments", and it shows a list of the files I have already attached to this reply.

    Now, I'm going to click on the file listed, BUT FIRST, I'm going to use my cursor to select WHERE in my reply I want my photo to go. When I have the "perfect" spot chosen, I click on it. Now a flashing vertical line should appear (as it normally would if I were to continue typing).

    Still with me ? Good !

    With the placement spot chosen, I click on the "paper clip", select the attached file, and click on it. When I've done that, some text should show up right where I selected it to go.

    The text will have three major elements. The first will be the word, "ATTACH" inside of brackets, ie. .

    Now, IF I've followed my instructions correctly, the photo that I've attached to this reply should show up right below this sentence !!!


    How'd I do ???

    Robin "Picture This!" Hickman

    PS. I noticed that the photo is in the reply, BUT the "attachment" no longer shows at the bottom of the reply !!!
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    Hi, Eva !!!


    Great photos!

    They should give our experts something to work with. Don't be surprised if someone asks you if you have any additional photos of your Flag! we ALWAYS like to look at photos of older, historic Flags !!!

    Thank You for bringing your question to our forums, and THANK YOU for posting the pics !!!

    Robin Hickman
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    Hello evameadows. Thanks for the pics. In my opinion you have a century-old 45-star flag. Everything I see points to an original. The machine zig-zag stitching of the stars is spot on for the period. It appears to be in very nice condition as well. A value? On eBay I would expect a flag like that to sell for $50 to $125. An antique dealer would put a price tag of $200 to $400 on it. Nice start to an antique flag collection. All you need now are 46-, 48- 49- and 50- star flags and you have a complete 20th century flag collection. Or you could start working backwards by seeking a 44-star flag...

    Good luck!

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    Picture 1.jpg

    Picture 3.jpg

    Picture 4.jpg

    Picture 5.jpg
    The flag is 96" x 46". It has letters by the grommet, there is picture. The stars are sewn to both sides. Please let me know if it is authentic/ worth anything. Thanks
  19. evameadows

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    Thank You for all of your help. I will be back to visit this site often.
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