45 star flag identification assistance no red/white stripes

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by pacrat8, Oct 1, 2008.

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    The flag in question is only a field of blue with 45 stars.has the brass rings at top and bottom of white portion used to fly flag.cloth is a wool with stitched stars..examination does not show where the 13 red and white stripes have been removed.flag is rectangle measures 40 x 30.Top and bottom has single stitching and triple stitching on outer end.flag for state of Utah 1896-1908.Any information as to how this was used? Thanks......
  2. Wow Pacrat... nice flag if thats yours!

    You have got yourself an old Jack!

    The jack flag consists only of the stars of the US flag - and like the national flag the number of stars increased as states were added

    It is flown at the front of a ship or boat on the jack staff (at the front)

    I myself have only got a 50 star jack. mine is official from the U.S Navy
    I'll take a pic of it later for you... could i see a pic of yours?

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