45 star flag, stars in circular pattern

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by barboniman, Jul 23, 2009.

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    Hi, I've come by a presumably old American flag with 45 stars, but I really have no idea what I have here. :confused: The stars are arranged as follows: one star in center of blue field, six stars around the center one, 14 stars in the next circle, and so on until the last four stars are placed one to a corner. Is this for real, and can anyone tell me something about it? It isn't hemmed on all sides, and it looks like it was taken from a longer strip if flags that were later to be serpated and hemmed. It may be a phony, but I don't have a big investment in it so that doesn't concern me. I would like to know if the format is authentic. Thanks in advance. barboniman
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    Your flag is likely a genuine 45-star flag from the 1895-1908 era. Flags of 45 stars with the stars arranged in rows sell in the $100 range (plus or minus $50 or so) but yours is worth more. Oddly enough, 45-star flags with the stars arranged in that circular pattern are scarcer than similar 38-star flags dating from 1877-1889. I would estimate the value of your flag to be $400 to $750. If framed and displayed at an antique show I would not be surprised to see a $1500 or higher price tag on it.

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