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  1. VirgilWayne

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    Hi, I came upon a 45 star flag and need info on how it should be cleaned and displayed.

    I am also very interested in the history and value?

    You can email the info at virgilwibur@hotmail.com

    thanks much
  2. Robin Hickman

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    Hello, VirgilWayne !

    Welcome to the USA-Flag-Site !

    The United States Flag carried 45 Stars from July 4, 1896 to July 3, 1908, a period of 12 years. It was the last Flag that represented our country in the 18th Century and the first Flag that represented it in the 20th.

    Since you posted your question in this particular forum, "Flag Identification and Collecting", I am assuming that you've read at least a few of the other "older flag" type of threads here. If you haven't, you should as there are a LOT of things to consider when it comes to the relative "value" of an older Flag.

    One such thread can be found HERE :

    One of the things that people will ask of you is to supply photographs of your 45 Star Flag. They aren't trying to make life difficult on you, they just need to SEE what your Flag looks like and what kind of shape it's in, etc.

    So DO take the time to gather up what information you can about your Flag. That information will be of great assistance to you and anyone who wishes to help you with it.

    So what ARE some of the "important" things to know (and show) about your Flag?

    In no particular order :

    1. Size
    2. Condition
    3. Material
    4. Age
    5. History (Provenance)
    6. (???)


    Back in the 19th Century, 12 years was a pretty long time for a Flag to be "Officially" in use. Not the longest, mind you, but pretty long none the less. In that 12 years (1896-1908) there were three Presidential elections and three Inaugurations. Could your Flag have been at any of them? There was the Spanish-American War. Could your Flag have been used in the charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba, or with Admiral Dewey's fleet in Manila Bay, The Phillipines?

    Maybe it was flown at a World's Fair like in Paris, France in 1900, or in St. Louis, Missouri in 1904?

    Ultimately, though, after you take in consideration all of the above-mentioned things (Size, Condition, Etc.), it's going to come down to how "rare" the 45 Star Flag is and how "popular" it is by collectors or at auctions.

    For right now, here's the BEST way that YOU can help US help you !

    Take three or four pictures of your Flag and post them back here on this page, along with any addition information you have about your Flag.

    I'm sure almost ALL of us would very much like to SEE photos of your 45 Star Flag!

    Keep In Touch !

    Robin Hickman
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