45 Star US Flag

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    Here is one of my vintage 45 star flags. It's approx. 76" x 108" [too big to "stretch out" in my area], all wool with several 3/16" or smaller "moth
    holes". This was a "flying" flag with
    "reinforcements" at the top/bottom of header and applied stars. The outside stripes and blue field edges are
    not hemmed. There is no maker or other marks on the header.

    Overall It's in pretty decent shape [especially for the $75 I paid for it] and if it ever actually flew it was for a very short time [there aren't any
    "flying stretched" areas], and the photo is a little deceptive as the white areas are a tad more "dull" than shown.

    I'm going to photograph my 48, 49 and 50 star - 5' x 9.5' "Interment" flags, which are all in "as new" condition and post them in a few days, and
    I have some other [smaller] "varying star" flags which are all in excellent condition I will post at a later date too.

    [Click on flag for larger image]

    45 STAR.jpg

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