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  1. coasterville

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    I recently landed a 46 star flag for the collection.

    The flag feels like it is wool, as probably evidenced by the numerous holes (moth holes?) in the flag and some ripping and tearing. The flag itself is in generally good condition but I'm not sure how to grade the condition. (I'm new to the historical flags aspect)

    The size of the flag is 5'x8', the stars are applique, the stripes are all sewn. As a bonus, all 4 corners are gusseted. No markings or tags on the flag or header. Towards the lower half of the flag it is starting to come free of the header in one spot.

    I'll get some photos for you all soon,

    As a bonus they also threw in two little 4"x6" unmounted printed 46 star flags.
  2. coasterville

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    I put some images in a Flickr set if anybody would like to tell me what they think the condition of the flag is. (Disclaimer: I think the camera was kind to the flag)

    Also I took a close up of a star as that seems to help people try to estimate age/authenticity.

    Flickr Set: 46 star flag - a set on Flickr
  3. NAVA1974

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    I see nothing that would lead me to question the date of manufacture to 1908-1912. It is a good 46.
    Nick A
    Columbia Maryland

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