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    Here is one of my vintage 46 star flags. It's approx. 70" x 106", all wool with no noticeable damage. This is an "indoor" flag with none of
    the "reinforcements" on flying flags, with applied stars and "hanging ties" attached at the header and fly end. The outside stripes and
    blue field edges are not hemmed. There is no maker or other marks on the header.

    It's in excellent shape, but the photo is a little deceptive as the white areas are a tad more "dull" than shown. I have several other 45,
    48 and 49 star flags [and a lot of 50's] of different sizes which are all real nice that I'll post photos of after I take the photos. [I also
    have 30' x 60' and 15' x 25' - 50 star flags that I keep in storage because I have no place to display the huge things, but there fun
    to have, just to have].

    [Click on flag for larger image]

    46 STAR.jpg
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    Hi CDMCKY,
    Welcome and thank you for sharing your flag with us! I am looking forward to seeing more of your collection.
  3. Hey
    I had to laugh when you said its just fun to have a 3x60 ft flag... id love to have one, if I could get my hands on one here in the UK without buying a new one! The biggest US flag I have is a GSPEC 8ft 11 x 17ft and its fun to have that even though it does not often get completely spread out!
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    AMANDA LIVES !!!__ :cool:

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