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    I am in possession of an antique 47-star American flag, with a star pattern of 8,8,8,7,8,8. It has a maker's mark label sewn into the hem (hoist?), which reads "Standard New York" and includes a small image of an American flag, oddly waving right to left. I'm aware of the history behind such an "unofficial" flag, but can anyone tell me what company may have used such a maker's mark, and what the value of the flag may be? Thank you.
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    A number of flagmakers used the name "Standard" to refer to bunting that met US Government specifications. And New York had more than its fair share of flagmakers, so it may be difficult to narrow it down a whole lot more than that. I must admit, however, I don't recall seeing an image of a flag on a flag's hoist before. Can you post a pic of the flag and the flag's flag?

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    Columbia MD
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    Wow, this flag looks almost pristine. Very nice.

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