48 star american flag 5 by 9 1/2

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Panda, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. Panda

    Panda New Member

    I would like to know the value of a 48 star flag. And it has a stamp and original hook attached to the flag
    1945 flag
  2. David Wagner

    David Wagner Member

    Hello Panda,

    Welcome to the flag forum. Your dimensions make it a casket flag. I did a quick eBay search and found other 48 star caskets flags with Buy It Now prices ranging from $239 down to $75. Of course those aren't the prices anyone paid - just the prices that the seller hopes to receive. I would think it worth less given that they are still fairly common. My guess is $30 to $50 to purchase one.
  3. Panda

    Panda New Member

    Thank you for the warm welcome. Even if it comes with a like a plaque ?
  4. Dexter Cole

    Dexter Cole Member

    I agree with David, it would be better to see the flag as well as this "hook" and any markings. If you can't post photos then describe it as best you can.
  5. Panda

    Panda New Member


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  6. Dexter Cole

    Dexter Cole Member

    Thanks for the pictures, they help. As David said, it's an internment flag. The markings are for the Philadelphia Quartermaster. The heavy rings are typical but I still haven't heard a good explanation of their purpose. I believe that these flags were from the earlier part of WW2 and decades before (I have a similar that is either a 45 or 46 star). At some point I don't think that the Philadelphia QM could keep up with the demand (how sad is that) and several other companies began making these flags.

    If you look on ebay, there is no shortage of these flags. Your type would be more sought after than those that came later. Condition is everything. If it is in good condition, with no significant damage, I expect it to get between $75 and $100. About two weeks ago I bought an identical one for $30 on a "buy it now". But normally they go for more.
  7. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    It could be that the rings serve the very same function as grommets. They do appear to be more of an integral part of a "working" Flag, rather than a single-use ceremonial Flag.

    A 5'x9½' Flag is not necessarily an "Interment" (Casket, Funeral, etc.) Flag. It could simply be a U.S. Navy Size #8 Ensign.

    Maybe the rings were used to keep the Flag from going into the water during a burial at sea?

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.

  8. Dexter Cole

    Dexter Cole Member

    Thanks Robin. I've been looking for some old manual about funerals etc in the hopes that I find an exact explanation for the rings. I'm sure it's out there and I'll post the info when I find it.

    On You-tube I found a very morbid video about dis-interred US soldiers in France being prepared for transport back to the US. In the end is a shot showing several flag covered caskets that have these rings. They seemed to use something else to hold them to the casket but it is hard to see. Anyway, they've been used for many years and there has to be something out there about them.

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