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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and English is not my native language so please read past my spelling.

    I am Jeroen and am from the Netherlands. My dad is a WW2 memorabilia collector and last week he acquired a American Flag. The Flag is a 48-star and has a date stamp from 1945 on one side and the U.S. Stamp on the other. I have tried to look up information about this flag but haven't come up with much yet. The stars seem to be different than on a normal flag. All stars on both sides are embroidered with gold thread, and on the back side showing a little bit of white thread as well. Despite the flag being a bit dirty they are definitely not discolored but real gold color (I added 2 detailed photo's from front and back). Since it's embroidered I understood it could not be a "Gold Mother" flag.

    We can't find any mark of the maker on the flag.

    Here I added some pictures for you to see what I am talking about. I hope someone can grant me some more knowledge on this flag. Thanks in advance !

    EDIT: As it seems I am not allowed to include pictures or links yet, I hope you can tell me something more without them or I could send a personal message with a link to my photobucket album
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