48 star flag w/out grommets or sleeve

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by NHood, Nov 25, 2014.

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    Good day. I am totally new here. I have been on automobile forums before, but never one for flags. I had a question that I was wondering if anyone could answer. I have recently become the recipient of a 48 state flag from a fellow who was actively involved in politics, running for Congress (and losing) back in the 80's, but having been involved since the 50's. He has had the flag since the 1950's, but no one is able to answer where the flag might have come from or what it may have been used for. Normally a 48 state flag is unremarkable, but this one is unique (at least to me) that it has no grommets, eyelets or even a pole sleeve in order for it to be displayed, other than in a flag case. My father and I have visually scoured the flag for any markings, and there are none that we can find. It is the 5 ft length flag, and we had originally thought it may have been a casket flag, but from what I know, all casket flags are equipped with grommets. Could anyone shed some light on what this flag may have been made/used for?
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    Addendum: It does have a header, where grommets could be installed if the owner wished.
  3. NHood

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    Just re-read my initial post, and I noticed a typo: It is 5 Ft WIDE, not long. 9.5 FT long.
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    Hi, NHood,

    I am also new here, so it's presumptuous of me to reply and etc... but...

    Are you sure you want to reject the idea that this is a casket flag just based on the fact that all the ones you have seen have grommets? I think the argument from design is much stronger: since it does not have grommets or any other visible means of attachment, and it is the standard dimensions of such a flag, isn't it overwhelmingly likely that this flag was manufactured for just one purpose, to be draped over a casket?

    (I just reread my post, and caught that every time I had intended to type "casket" so far I had instead typed "gasket"! What a ludicrous faux pas that would have been.)

    I have a 48 star flag of these dimensions also, with heavy rings, and as soon as I get around to taking some good photos I intend to throw myself on the mercy of the court and ask where it might have been made, and when. "Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot" seems a likely answer to the first question, though I can't quite get the semi-legible stenciling to read that way.

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