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    I am helping a friend clean out a house and garage of a friends home after her parents have passed....today we found an 8 foot by 12 foot flag with 48 stars how do i find out where the flag was made and the value that is on it? there is what looks like a repair. will try to get a picture that shows the whole flag
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    Hello Ida82850,
    The only way you can determine where the flag was made is by reading the information on the heading. If the heading is completely blank, then there is little hope. Most 48 star flags were made of wool bunting with cotton stars prior to WWII with cotton bunting becoming more prevalent after the War. However both wool and cotton were used for the entire 1912-1958 time frame of the 48 star flag. Also, the major flagmakers all used the same techniques to sew the pieces together. There may be other unique details that can help, but not many. If there are large metal loops above and below the ends of the heading, that might mean the flag was made at the Philadelphia Quartermaster flag 'factory' as I haven't seen those on anyone else's flags. Please post pics of any info on the heading and we will try to help further.

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