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    I was given a 48 star flag many years ago, and I am wondering if anyone knows the approx. Value and Age. Or any information at all about it.
    Unfortunatly I have no history on it.

    Size: 5x9.5
    Brass Grommets
    individually sewn stripes and stars.
    reinforced corners

    This is what it says
    5 X 91/2 FT COTTON

    What I do know is that it was roughly made around WWII
    It may be a Casket flag.
    But what sticks out to me is that it Reads PENNA instead of PA.
    Not sure if that means anything?

    Thank you so much for any help.
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    Re: Please Help

    48 Star casket flags are fairly common as they were usually carefully preserved in loving memory of the fallen soldier. Today their retail value ranges from $25 to $100 and it just depends on how much or how little you are willing to accept for it, were you to put it up for sale. Valley Forge has been making flags, including casket flags, for decades and it does not matter much whether the flag was made in the 30's 40's or 50's. IF the flag was World War II vintage and came in the original box from the Veteran's Administration with info on the soldier whose casket it covered it would be worth $100 to $200

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