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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Jeremy robertson, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Jeremy robertson

    Jeremy robertson New Member

    Hi, new to the forum here and my first post. I've had this 48 star for a while and have always wondered where it came from and can't find any other manufacturer stamps that are similar. It almost looks like the Union Pacific logo at the end. Flag measures 4'6" by 7'7"
    What do you guys think? I appreciate your help.
    IMG_2872.JPG IMG_2871.JPG IMG_2870.JPG IMG_2869.JPG
  2. Dexter Cole

    Dexter Cole Member

    "Dettras Flag Products" it does look a bit like the Union Pacific logo. Nice flag, possibly internment if the size is roughly 5 by 9 and a half.
  3. David Wagner

    David Wagner Member

    The logo on your flag once looked like this:

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  4. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    Yep, David! That looks just about right for a Dettra Flag stencil/print!

    I wonder if Jeremy Robertson's Flag is made out of wool instead of cotton? I don't know enough about how to tell the two fabrics apart!

    It might be an older post-war 48-Star Flag because it has the re-enforcing "gussets" at the top and (presumably) bottom of the Hoist-end, and it's size, 4'6" x 7'7", indicates that it might have been an Interment Flag before caskets got bigger so that Interment Flags had to become larger (5'x9½') to cover them more completely.

    Just Me Wonderin' . . . . .

    Robin Hickman

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