48 Star Naval Flagl [PICS!]

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    Greetings! Yesterday at a flea market, I acquired an Annin Nyl-Glo 48 star flag. Next to the branding is written "U.S. Flag - #9 3.52x6.69". It has a rope and clip, instead of the usual grommets. Little physical wear besides a discolored edge along the hoist.

    I've done some research but have come up short on all fronts. Here's what I know:

    -Rope and clip indicative of naval-type flag.
    -#9 designation is G-spec dimensions typically flown over a Destroyer-class ship (other vessels also?).
    -Natural rope (not synthetic) and star appliques (not embroidered) date the flag to pre-1970, likely an authentic flag of the period.

    I want to know more but I can't find info anywhere on naval flags. Are there certain search keywords I'm missing? Tell me everything about this please! Thanks in advance.

    (Flag is damp from a gentle handwashing)




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    Annin and Co. first used the "Nyl Glo" brand name circa 1947.

    Nick Artimovich
    Columbia Maryland

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