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    I have a 48 star flag that I am trying to learn more about, specifically the type of material and whether it is an official Navy ensign from WWII which has been claimed.

    It is of a loosely woven material that is largely see through. It looks like linen but I cant find any references to linen navy flags.

    It is stamped with the words "Navy 6x9". These measurements don't seem to match up to the official sizes for flags of the WWII era.

    Any help identifying this flag and its material would be appreciated. Photos below.

    B. Dicken

  2. NAVA1974

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    Hello B. Dicken:
    Your flag appears to be woolen bunting with cotton stars applied with machine zig zag stitching. I believe it was made by the American Flag Company of 45 Elizabeth Street, New York City as they used the brand name "Navy Bunting." (This info is from my copy of their Catlog No. 16 printed ca 1910. At that time a 6x9 ft flag cost $6.30)

    "NAVY" and "ARMY" and "ARMY STANDARD" on the heading refers to the brand name of the material the flag is made from, not the user. The US Navy made its own flags through World War II and the info on the heading included the designation of the Navy Yard that made the flag, the date, the size, and the desination (ie "ENSIGN" or "JACK.") Their flags did not say "NAVY" because they knew who they were.

    The good news is that the flag was probably made during the 1920's or 1930's rather than the 1940's. The bad news is that it is not an official Navy flag.


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