48-Star Valley Forge Flag Co. Flag

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    I've done a bit of research on a flad I found at a thrift store. It is not unusual as 48 star flags go. I realize that they were made from 1912 to 1959. But what I found interesting is that the flag's porportions are stamped on the flag 3.52 x 6.59 as well as the manufacturer of Valley Forge Flag Co. From what I've read is that Defiance Flag and Aninn(spelling? sorry) were the major manufacturers and that this particular flag was "usually" commissioned by the Navy as an Ensign flag as well as the majority of commisons for the navy were from Defiance. Is this true?? Or can anyone shed any more light on this? Valley Forge Flag Co. has been no help. They sent an email with the usual "made between 1912-1959 and it was a 5x9.5 or a 5x8 that possibly used for a funeral."
    So I am a little frustrated with them. Any help would be great.
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    Your flag may have been made for use overseas as it is exactly two meters long but it is also in the correct proportion of 1 x 1.9. Valley Forge, Annin, Dettra, and Chicago Flag Co. have all made flags under contract to the US Government during the last half of the 20th C and there were probably others as well.


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