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    48 STARS FLAG...
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    The 48 star flag was used from July 4, 1912, for the additions of New Mexico and Arizona. It was on June 24th of 1912 that President Taft passed an Executive Order establishing the exact proportions of the flag. This flag was official for 47 years - the longest in U.S. history.

    Your flag would most likely have been made between 1912 - 1959, if it is authentic. Most likely it would've been made towards the earlier because, with the dawning of machines and textile factories flag would've been sewn by machine since this was more cost efficient.
  3. President Taft has ordered this one when the states of New Maxico and Arizona were added to the US.

    Till Alaska joined as the 49th state. It is an invaluable asset that you have.
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    Hi, I Got A 48 Star Flag From An Estate Auction And I Am Trying To Find Out What Estimate Year It Is From. I Know That Time Period Of The 48 Star Flag But This Flag Says Phila. Oil Co. On It And I Cant Find Any Info On This Company. I Appreciate Any Help You Can Give. This Flage Is 5x9.5 And Has Some Browning To It, I Was Also Wandering About How Much These Are Worth.
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    thank you for your response. i was astounded when we were able to get this flag at the auction. the reason i wondered is because nobody bidded on it and we got it for $15. i thought that was strange. i thought people would have gone crazy for a piece of history like this, i was expecting atleast to pay $100+
  6. 48 star flags are very common and widely available and probbably less sought after than earlier flags because of this
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    You can still purchase (and fly) new flags of all of the years and number of star combinations. With sewn on stars.

    We sell them every day for people creating historical displays, private persons and state government offices looking for the flag that was created the year they came into the union.

    JOhn ><>
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    We have a 48 star flag from my great grandmother. It would have been purchased in Phila or new Jersey. There is a tag "defiance pat.pending) Does anyone know anything about this specific flag, company that would have manufactured, the patent ..... tried a patent search to date the falg but no luck
    - thanks for any help, Ed
  9. hmm ive ne seen/ heard of pat pending before thats a new one for me too!!
    defiance though was made by Annin an Co flag company - a cotton material that has now been replaced by Bulldog bunting
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    pat pending is short for "Patent Pending" a phrase used commonly in the US meaning a Patent has been applied for and the company is awaiting final Patent Approval.

    JOhn ><>
  11. going to sound completely thick now- but what is a patent?
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    My name is Eric and I also have a 48 star with defiance. The company that made mine is the Annin flag company
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    Hi evryone. This is my first post. I found this flag at a warehouse clearing in mpls. mn. It.s a 48 star, stamped in ink are the words u.s ensign no. 9, Valley forge flag co.. approx. dimensions are 3x6 ft. any help on its origin would be helpful
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    Hi yall, I'm new here and I'm having a hard time finding answers to questions that are already posted. Please help. I have a 48 star 4 X 6 ft Superior Brand Cotton Bunting flag, can anyone tell me where I can find out how much it is worth? Thanks a million, Siscaspat
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    Valley Forge Flag Co. began in 1882 and is still making flags in Pennsylvania: their web site is www . valleyforgeflag . com [you have to key this in yourself, omitting the spaces I have added, otherwise this forums software does crazy things when you try to add a URL to a message.] The heading US Ensign means it was made as a Naval flag, size number 9. See the USNavy site on flag sizes: Flag Sizes

    Without further info, we can only say the flag was made between 1912 and 1959. Its value is limited because there were millions of 48 star flags made, and many of those remaining are on eBay on any given day.


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