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    When we moved into our house we found a 48 star flag left in the basement rafters. It is 3 ft x 5 foot on a wood pole. The tag says Dettras Flag, Bull Dog Bunting. The flags are crisscross stitched on both sides and the stripes are also attached by stitching. Any information you can provide would be appreciated. The flag is in excellent condition.
  2. dettra flag co no longer exists but it used to manufacture flags in Pennysylvania they existed from quite some time in direct competition with Annin and Co- who operate in New Jersey (and several other states but HQ is in NJ)
    Annin and Co is one of the top manufacturers on flags in the USA and indeeed the world. they are also the oldest flag company in the USA - started in 1847 and they are one of only 3 flag companies (Annin and Co, Valley Forge flags and CF flag co) that make flags for the government and armed services of the United States.
    so poor little Dettra flag co was struggling against such a big major manufacturor so in the end Annin and co bought them out in 1998

    so your flag has 48 stars so that means it was the offical US flag between 1912 and 1959 july 4th.
    bull dog bunting is cotton

    'The flags are crisscross stitched on both sides' i assume what you were meaning to say here is that the STARS are crisscross stitched on both sides...
    meaning they are machine embroidered using thread alone as opposed to appliquing which is sewing through a piece of material then cutting around the stars.
    nice conditon flag?? go fly it then or hang it up on your wall :D

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