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    I have a very nice 49 star Dettra "bulldog" flag, unfolded, with long box and 2-piece pole. 3' x 5', clear markings on it. I am not a collector, but I guess it's about as original as I imagine they come. Very vibrant, no weathering. Doubt it ever saw a minute outside. Stiching is flawless so far as I can tell.

    I am not sure about the difference in star design. I've heard there are different styles on the 49-star flag. Can anyone shed light on that?

    I am cleaning up and would like to part with it. I am not sure of its value, so I came here to ask the collectors. I's appreciate any thoughts as to its value, also I would entertain any offers for it - before, sadly - eBay. As I said we are cleaning up.

    NOTE: the pics have a few photographic anomolies due to low resolution/upload size allowed by the site. Pic #3 looks like there are white swirls, that is just from the photo resizing. The colors are vibrant and, other than a few rogue pieces of thread the flag is just about perfect I would say.


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    Re: 49 Star Dattra Flag

    Thanks for the pics, John. Nice flag indeed. :)

    There were no variations in 49 star flags made by US flagmakers. President Eisenhower's Executive Order specified 7 staggered rows of 7 stars with the first star in the first row at the upper hoist corner. This meant that the fly ends of both the 1st , 3rd, 5th, and last rows had voids.

    Of course, since these flags were made by humans, human error can not be ruled out :eek: and it is possible that some 49's were made with the cantons reversed, or upside down, but these errors are not like errors in philately or numismatics that generate huge sums of money. :(

    As far as selling it goes, on eBay 3x5 size sewn 49's sell for $40 to $50. Antique dealers price them from $75 to $100 or more because they think they are rare since they were only made for one year. What they don't know is that many people bought them and put them away because they new they would become obsolete on July 4, 1960.

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    Re: 49 Star Dattra Flag

    Thanks for posting your flag pics! This is the first time I have ever seen a 49 star flag with embroidered stars. During that period (late 1950s to early 1960s) there was a major shift in flag manufacturing from appliqued stars to machine made embroidered stars. Most civilian made 48 star flags were appliqued before that time. It seems Dettra was leading the pack to embroidered stars. The Annin company, the larger of the flag companies were still appliquéing their stars as evident with the pictures below. With the advent of the 50 star flag almost all flag companies were embroidering stars on their civilian flags which was cheaper than appliqueing. It took another 10 years or so for the Military branches to adopt embroider stars on their flags/ensigns.

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    Re: 49 Star Dattra Flag

    I need to know the correct way to display the Am. flag for 9/ll
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    Re: 49 Star Dattra Flag

    Rather late in the day to ask this question on the East Coast, but this Presidential Proclamation:
    Presidential Proclamation--Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance | The White House

    states that the American flag is to be flown at half-mast.


    By the way, the name of the flagmaker that began operation in 1901 and was bought out by Annin in 1994 is "Dettra Flags" not Dattra. John had it correct in the body of his first post to this string, but the Subject line is incorrect.
  6. Peter Ansoff

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    By the way, the name of the flagmaker that began operation in 1901 and was bought out by Annin in 1994 is "Dettra Flags" not Dattra. John had it correct in the body of his first post to this string, but the Subject line is incorrect.

    I took the liberty of fixing the spelling in the thread title.

    Peter A.
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    thanks to all of you. It's a nice flag, but since we are cleaning up I am going to eBay it.

    Most of the ones I've seen have been folded. This one has only been rolled up. Not sure about the flag etiquette of rolling a flag but it came from the mfr this way (I have the original box) so i guess that's the way it will stay.

    This one also has the original 7' hardwood pole.

    Thanks again!

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    Hello, all. I am a first-time poster.
    Thanks to all for the interesting notes about flag mfg. and mfrs.
    I have always been a fan of the 49-star flag because I was born on the day that Alaska became a state, 1-3-59. So I'd long ago acquired a First Day Cover of the AK Statehood airmail stamp, w/ the postmark of my "birth day"; but I did not get an actual flag until within the last ten years. I was visiting a flag store in the Mall of America, and, off the cuff, asked about a 49-star flag; I was first shown a San Francisco 49ers' flag! When I made it clear what I really wanted, they did have three flags in stock, which they had mistakenly received. Since I was the first customer he'd seen that actually wanted the 49-star, I was able to name my own price! I got Annin 3 x 5 nylon flag w/ sewn-on stars and sew-on stripes.
    And several years ago, when my received a box of jewelry from her late aunt, there was a "bubblegum-machine-type" button w/ a flag, and it turned out to be a 49-star! I proudly display the button on my cap and the flag on my home.
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    I have the same 3x5 Annin flag with the embroidered 49 stars on it. However, I also have a letter signed from the Architect of the Capitol saying it was flown over the Capitol of the United States at the request of a Member of Congress. In the original box and all that jazz.

    Does this increase the value of my flag any?

    Thanks for any thoughts!
  10. csaanv

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    If you were selling or auctioning on the open market I would say it wouldn't hurt as this gives the flag a special history or attachment to an event. But for serious flag collectors that sort of thing does not carry much weight except it documents the dating of the flag in which there is no issue with your flag being a 49 star flag. Having those flags run up a small flag pole away from public sight is very common and easy to find. Just the fact your flag is a 49 star flag makes it very collectable.

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