4th of July Songs Playlist

Discussion in 'Other US Patriotic Songs' started by rjo123x35, Jul 17, 2014.

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    Here there are some good quotes and greetings
  3. Union Jack

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    Great choice for 4/7 or is it 7/4? Always enjoy Independence Day, although I'm a Britisher, I take my hat off to what we lost. Anyhow a week Saturday I'll embrace our long lost Colonial Cousins by hoisting all my Colonial flags and no doubt indulge in a glass or 3 of Jack Daniels. With the way the World is going do you think by the time Prince George ascends the throne as King George VII our American 'Enfant Terrible' will return to the fold? It's a long way off but you never know. UJ
  4. rjo123x35

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    Love to see photos of your Colonial Flags
  5. Union Jack

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    Sorry I haven't replied sooner but my local internet provider has failed. I'm having to access a local pub that provides access. When my grandson comes to visit me I shall ask him to upload images. All my flags are replicas but I like them. And yes we had a superb 7/4. Best wishes UJ

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