50-star flag of Nylon and wool "Bulldog" bunting??

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by NAVA1974, Feb 22, 2011.

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    No way. :eek:

    This ebay lot features a 50-star flag of nylon and wool bunting:

    Vtg Bull Dog US American Flag 50 Stars Wool w Box Prim - eBay (item 270708084401 end time Mar-19-11 16:37:35 PDT)

    The seller, however, claims that the flag "comes with its original box." The box is marked "Bulldog Bunting" which, of course, was Dettra's trade name for their cotton bunting. :cool:

    I have notified the seller that, somewhere in its history, the flag was put in a box that it didn't come with originally.

    Nick A

    (by the way, nylon/wool blends were not used very long by the flag industry, so this is a relatively rare instance where a 50-star flag, without any other history or associations, can be considered collectible, in my book.):D

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