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    I have acquired this flag from an auction and believe it may be rare. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with information on this flag. It is cotton and has Defiance stamped on rather than sewn on. DSC02524.JPG DSC02528.JPG
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    Greetings, Surplusmeister LLC !

    Your First Confederate States of America Flag (AKA : "Stars & Bars") was made by Annin & Co sometime prior to 1998. The "Defiance" brand/model was Annin's premium 2-ply cotton bunting ("Reliance" was Annin's single ply cotton sheeting model) up until they bought the Dettra Flag Company 1998, and switched the model/brand name to "Bulldog" (which was Dettra's "premier" model of 2-ply cotton bunting).

    Although Annin, like most other U.S. Flagmakers, has changed their logos and Flag identification over the years, there hasn't been a written record of what changes they made and when they made them. Annin used to sew labels/tags onto the canvas headers (hoists) of their Flags, but changed over to the more economical two-color (red & blue) stamps. In the case of your CSA 1st National Flag, I don't know exactly when that happened. I suspect that the change-over from tags/labels occurred sometime in the mid-to-late 1960's. The 2-color stamps that Annin has used have changed at least twice, possibly three times. I have a "Nyl-Glo" U.S. Constitutional Bicentennial Flag made by Annin that has a stamp very similar (almost identical) to yours. The Constitutional Bicentennial was celebrated from 1987 to 1989.

    It looks like your Flag's stars are "appliqued" onto the blue canton, instead of being embroidered. That seems to have been then "norm" for these types of Flags through the 1980's & 1990's. To my knowledge there are still Flag companies that will offer both versions of Stars, appliqued and embroidered, but most companies (like Annin) have been printing or dying their "historical" Flags using a single piece of bunting. I own a "New, Old Stock" (N.O.S.) Annin "Defiance" 3rd National Confederate Flag with a slightly newer version of their stamp, in its original, one-piece box. I believe that it was made in the mid-1990's.

    All things considered, I'd guess that your CSA 1st National Flag was made sometime between 1980 and 1990. If one of my American Revolution Bicentennial Flags (1976) was made by Annin, I might have been able to compare it to yours, and possibly been able to give you a little bit earlier "guesstimate" of its age. Whenever your Flag was made, I highly doubt that it can be considered an "antique" or even a "vintage" Flag. And considering the shape that it's in its value is, at best, negligible. The best you could do would be to patch any holes in the Flag and cut-off the "fly-end", so as to remove the damaged areas, then hem the "new" fly-end. You'd have a visibly altered (shorter) Flag, but you'd still be able to display or fly it.

    I hope this helps. There may be other members here who have much more knowledge and expertise than I have regarding your Flag and its age and approximate value. If so, hopefully they'll join in on this conversation and share their knowledge!

    Good Luck!

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.

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