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Discussion in 'American Flag History' started by EmailPoster, Jun 6, 2006.

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    Great site...
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    Thanks for the kudos!

    The flag you saw was probably just a decoration. There's never been an official nine-star flag because there have never been only nine states. If anyone else knows a secret meaning behind this, let us know, but I think it was just a lazy artist. :)

  3. Rob L

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    Although there was never an official nine star flag, a small number of 7, 8 and 9 star Star and Stripes flags were made during the Civil War. Jeff Bridgeman has a couple on his website.

    Rob L
  4. susanl

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    Would you know anything about a very small old collar button with 9 stars, no maker's mark, looks like copper with enamel red, white and blue?
  5. aylinistanbl

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  6. try using english and we might be able to help u.... what language is that anyway?
  7. Peter Ansoff

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    Based on Ayln's user name, I'll guess that he/she is from Istanbul, Turkey.

    By the way, Turkey has a beautiful flag -- we flew it last Saturday for Ataturk Youth and Sports Day. The name of this Turkish holiday is somewhat misleading. It actually commemorates the start of the Turkish War of Independence in 1919.

    Peter Ansoff
  8. Jim Deery

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    A 9 Star flag does indeed exist since I have one in my collection. New Hampshire was the 9th province to attain statehood in 1778. The 9 star flag was issued in 1878 to commerate the event. These flags are considered rare
  9. Peter Ansoff

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    New Hampshire was the 9th province to attain statehood in 1778

    New Hampshire actually ratified the Constitution on 21 June 1788. This was an important milestone, because the Convention had specified that 9 ratifications were needed to bring the Constitution into effect.

    Of course, New Hampshire was a state long before the Constitution was ratified. The 13 colonies became states in 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress. (Actually, it was more complicated than that, because a few of the states had individually declared independence from Britain before then.)

    Peter Ansoff
  10. todd

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    i do pool service for a billionaire who shall remain unnamed. he has 2 very old flags that have been authenticated by a company in california. i need history! 1 is a 9 star american flag with 3 stripes- 2 red 1white. the other is not important but is a british flag. any info and photos are appreciated . thanks
  11. Robin Hickman

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    Hey, Todd ! :D

    Welcome to the USA-Flag-Site Forums !

    Does your boss' ("billionaire who shall remain un-named") 9-Star/3-Stripe Flag look anything like THIS ??? :eek: :


    Just Wondering..... :rolleyes:

    Robin "Do You Have One Of Those With 7, Or 11, Or Maybe 13 Stars?" Hickman
  12. NAVA1974

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    If the flags have been "authenticated" just look and see what the authentication form calls them !!!

    No one can authenticate (or debunk) a flag unless they know what the flag is supposed to be in the first place. If the authentication form does not tell you what the flag is, your boss got ripped off by the authentication service.

    I agree with Robin that the 9 star flag may be the first national flag of the CSA but more information is needed.

  13. Steven Eaton

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    I also have a 9 star US flag. I'd like to know if it is rare or collectable.[​IMG]

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